Visas and Movers and Shots, Oh My!

Oh, my, indeed! Not to mention TRC’s and PAN Cards and the FRRO–and the Provident Fund, too. Now that we have just a couple weeks before we officially begin our

Monsoon, Mark Twain, and Mindset

A recent post in the Cafe Chennai blog, one of our favorites along with The Better India, really struck me with its eye-opening perspective on travel and what it means–and

Oh, the Places We’ll Go . . . .

We have brains in our heads, and feet in our shoes, thank you very much, Dr. Seuss! But no bang-ups and hang-ups, at least not many so far. So, as we head

Of Bucket Lists and Bittersweet

We all have Bucket Lists, even when we may not consciously or conspicuously dwell on or display them, since having those goals, whether professional, personal, artistic, or simply relaxing and invigorating, is

Namma Chennai! YouTube Videos Celebrating Chennai

Namma Chennai means “Our Chennai” and we’ve discovered several YouTube videos that reflect the widespread feelings of pride and togetherness that are so strong in India and especially in the

Faces of Chennai 2016: Glimpses, Connections, & Friends

As we prepare for our move to Chennai this July, we look back on our two week visit in April, 2016, and to many of the folks we either glimpsed,

Back Home Again in Besant Nagar

During our two decades in Indiana, one of the charms of the area we came to appreciate was the resounding voice of Jim Nabors opening the annual 500 Mile Race with the state song,


Vinoth Raja, our driver, guide, and friend, took Sarah and me on a tour of Marina Beach on Sunday morning and included the fish market where local fishermen bring their


While Chennai is filled with the laughter and dancing and music of the beautiful south Indian people; with the enticing aromas of fragrant spices and sizzling biryanis and curries and sambars cooking