Resources & Quick Links

If our Fetching a Toothpicker Blog has piqued your curiosity about our adventure in Chennai and South India and beyond, here are some great resources and links for you to explore further:

  • The Chennai Expat Guide: book and blog: Peter Claridge is a young British expat who’s lived and worked in Chennai for eight years and his thoroughly detailed book about moving to, working in, and exploring Chennai is a lifesaver! You can check out and follow Peter’s blog (and buy his great book) here.
  • Boulevard Press: When I’m not serving as Sarah’s everything wallah, taking photos of new places, new faces, and new tastes, or writing posts for this blog, I’m working on stories for our “Trio” series at Boulevard Press. And maybe that novel will hop out of the drawer as well . . . .
  • The Better India: This blog is a wonderful source of regular information on all aspects of life throughout India and an inspiration for our travels and writing. Don’t miss this one here.
  • Cafe Chennai: Here’s another wonderful blog about daily life in and around Chennai and Tamil Nadu, the state we’re in. You can get a feel for a true insider’s view of the city here.
  • American International School Chennai: Sarah’s school is a fabulous institution serving the local and expat community in Chennai. We look forward to meeting more of the faculty and staff on our return this summer. Check it out here.