About David Hassler, Trailing Spouse

David M. Hassler was fortunate enough to have become a relatively rare male Trailing Spouse when his talented wife Sarah accepted a job teaching music in the elementary division of the American International School in Chennai, India. His role includes, first of all, serving as her everything wallah, but also allows him time for exploring, discovering, and sharing new places, new faces, and new tastes around Chennai, throughout south India, and beyond. After a two-week visit to the city in April, 2016, David and Sarah are thrilled to undertake their two-year (at least!) adventure living and working in Chennai.

David M. Hassler has served as a long-time member of the Indiana Writers Center Faculty and holds an MFA from Spalding University. His work has been published in Maize and The Santa Fe Writers’ Project. He served as a Student Editor for The Louisville Review and as Technical Editor for Writing Fiction for Dummies. He is currently Managing and Fiction Editor for Flying Island, an online literary journal. He is co-author of Muse: An Ekphrastic Trio, and Warp, A Speculative Trio. Future projects include Limp, A Menage a Trio, with George Evans.

He is a founding partner in Boulevard Press.