The Adventure Begins

When we visited India in April, 2016, Sarah got to spend a week getting acquainted with the music programs in the elementary division at the American International School Chennai. Little did she then know that she would end up applying to fill a vacant faculty position for the next school year. But the stars aligned and we decided to take the plunge and move tyo India in July 2017 to spend the next two years–at least–living in Chennai and opening ourselves to the incredible opportunities to learn and grow and experience so many elements of life so very different from our own–to be in the minority in nearly every possible way; to be thrust into new cultures and histories; to adapt to new weather patterns, with hot, hotter, and hottest seasons freshened by weeks of monsoon; to gain new perspectives living in the midst of ancient religious beliefs and practices; to learn a new language–or two or three; to walk in new ways to lead our lives in nearly every respect, with new spices and smells, tastes and textures, and manners of politely bringing the food from the plate–or the banana leaf–to one’s mouth; and to so many mysterious new places and delightful new faces.

While Sarah is excited to be joining the AISC faculty, I’ll be working to capture as much as I can of our daily enlightenment through images and words in this Fetching a Toothpicker blog to share regularly with you–and to welcome your feedback and your own travel adventures.

As the Headmaster asked when he offered Sarah the job,  “Are you and David ready for an adventure in India?”

Indeed, let the adventure begin!