The More We Discover . . .

In one of my earlier posts, Oh the Places We’ll Go, back in the spring of 2017 when our dreams of India were still just that, I enjoyed sharing our

On the First Day of . . .

What a delightful whirlwind of the joys and sharing and exploring and treasuring with Anna and Elise visiting us in Chennai for over two weeks through Hanukkwanzafestimas and New Year’s!

You’ve Moved Half Way around the World . . . What Would You Most Dread?

You’ve managed to use your mosquito bat with success a few times; you’ve adjusted to the spicy cuisine and eating with your fingers and you’ve enjoyed more turmeric in the

R.I.P. Our Teru Nai

Although our favorite teru nai–street dog–Walter, found his way back to his regular napping spot in the middle of our street following his disappearance during Diwali, it turned out that,

Road Trip II . . . with Chocolate for Breakfast!

Imagine, if you can, the taut thrill of navigating a slalom course behind the wheel of a finely-crafted sports car. Revel in the snug caress and rich aroma of the

A Stormy Weekend for the Cheatables

Okay, it’s confession time! We discovered that someone must have mehndied the word “Cheatable” on our foreheads, at least according to Mani, our driver. As newcomers, Sarah and I have

The Devil and the Details

The devil, they say, is in the details. Meaning I guess, that, while something might seem straightforward or simple at first, there is more beneath the surface, or, maybe that

Only Connect . . . .

E. M. Forster, who wrote A Passage to India, used that short phrase about the essence of connecting “the prose and the passion . . . the beast and the

Taken for Granted . . .

When you move half-way around the world, you quickly realize how much in our daily lives we take for granted–and how little sense many of those assumptions really make once